Revelers at the world famous Vevcani carnival were inspired by the push to change the name of Macedonia for their masks. At the millenia old carnival that dates back to the Pagan times the people of Vevcani use masks to mock their rules, and lately, politicians.

A target of their ire this year was one of their own – member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski who broke his promise to vote against the name change after being charged with terrorism. Mukoski negotiated an amnesty for himself, but the people of Vevcani especially mocked his move to also get a significant public procurement contract for one of his companies.

They took the money for families with multiple children and gave them to the members of Parliament, a sign said, representing the mood in Vevcani over the wholesale bargaining for votes to rename the country.

Revelers also mocked Prime Minister Zoran Zaev nomination for the Nobel peace prize, Zaev’s unfulfilled promise that the average salary will go up to 500 EUR and the promise to bring in “giant investors” as soon as the name is changed.

Gepostet von Mate Dejko am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2019