A video contrasting the widespread use of the official name of Macedonia in the past with the quick reversal to North Macedonia after the treaty signed by Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras was widely shared across Macedonian social media accounts. “Despite all the pressure against us, we proudly self-declared as Macedonians”, the video declares.
The video portrays some of the best sport victories of Macedonian teams, such as the charmed run of the Macedonian basketball team at the 2011 European Basketball Championship, when the country ranked fourth. It also presents scenes from the EHF handball Champions League which Vardar won in 2017, both events sparking wild celebrations throughout the country. Numerous sportscasters from various countries are heard using Macedonia to describe the team, not the demeaning FYROM or former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia versions.
This is then cut short by Zoran Zaev and the deal he negotiated with Alexis Tsipras to rename the country. All of the sudden, instead of sport wins under the name of Macedonia, a number of TV anchors are referring to Macedonia as North Macedonia in numerous languages. The video is closed by Zoran Zaev referring to Macedonia as North Macedonia.
– Zaev and Dimitrov humiliated the Macedonian people with their capitulation. They gave up on every thing Macedonian. VMRO-DPMNE considers this treaty to be unacceptable since it undermines the very foundations of the Republic of Macedonia, said the VMRO-DPMNE party which shared the video.
The party calls for early general elections along with the presidential elections expected in April or May, in order to put an end to the defeats, corruption and crime related to the Zaev Government.