Vlada Uroshevikj, the recent recipient of the esteemed Golden Wreath at this year’s Struga Poetry Evenings, will be hosting a poetry reading at the Blazhe Koneski Faculty of Philology in the state university.

Starting at 6 pm, Uroshevikj will be presenting his own Macedonian poems while undergraduates will also recite his works in various foreign languages, as announced by the organizers.

Hailing from Skopje and born in 1934, Vlada Uroshevikj stands as a distinguished Macedonian writer renowned for his extensive repertoire. His literary contributions encompass a wide array, ranging from poetry, short stories, novels, essays, travelogues, to literary and art criticism, alongside literary theory and translations.

Adding to his accolades, apart from the prestigious recognition at the Struga Poetry Evenings, in 2023, he was honored with the 24th Novel of the Year award for his publication “The True Yet Not Very Plausible History of the Pustopolski Family About the House by the Vardar and About the Four Rings” (Ars Libris, 2022).