VMRO-DPMNE announced it may boycott the presidential elections in spring if early general elections are not held at the same time. Igor Janusev, the Secretary General of the opposition party, said that there are strong reasons why VMRO calls for early general elections along with the presidential vote expected in April.

These include the constitutional amendments which were adopted in a violent and unacceptable procedure, the economic failures of the Government and the lack of reforms, Janusev said.

The census required to elect a President in the second round of voting is 40 percent, and without VMRO’s participation it is possible this census will not be reached, especially given that presidential elections are usually marred by low turnout. Despite the all out pressure to get out the vote in the September 2018 referendum, and divisions in VMRO-DPMNE over whether to boycott it, it failed with a turnout of just 36 percent.

It’s only logical to hold early general elections, especially after the shameful name change. The citizens spoke their minds and the quiet majority said they oppose the name change at the referendum. Now they need to be given a chance to reject this Government. Zaev is aware of this and that is why he is running away from elections, said Aleksandar Nikoloski, Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE.

Under the rules agreed by the parties, which were in place for the 2016 early general elections, Prime Minister Zaev will have to resign 100 days before the vote, and key departments must be given to the opposition. This means that Zaev will have to resign in a very short order, if the deadline to hold early general elections with the presidential elections is to be reached.