Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski are shifting the blame for their failures on each other. Spasovski began the exchange when, in a TV interview, he said that he no longer has full faith in Janeva.

– I believe less in the SPO as an institution than when I was personally making efforts to have it established. The reduced trust comes with the latest events with the detentions for some of the suspects, and also with its failure to demand detention for Nikola Gruevski, who later escaped, said Spasovski.

Janeva and her SPO team demanded that detention orders for a number of political prisoners from the right are converted into house arrest. The demand came on the same day when a letter sent by US Ambassador Jess Baily to the main courts in the country condemning the detentions became public. On Saturday, the last and highest profile of the political prisoners who Janeva asked to be released, Saso Mijalkov, got the approval from the court and had his detention order transformed into house arrest.
Janeva today fired back at Spasovski.

– The Interior Minister should just implement the orders of the court and the demands of the prosecutors, including the SPO. He is not competent to comment on these decisions because he is just an auxiliary body helping the court, the prosecutors and the SPO, Janeva said.