The Government asked the Parliament to increase salaries for the five Deputy Prime Ministers by 8.000 denars. These increases should apply to Bujar Osmani, Radmila Sekerinska, Koco Angusev, Oliver Spasovski and Hazbi Lika.

The proposal was immediately met with criticism in the public, as the recipients have a history of promoting the fight against wealth inequality, while at the same time having a number of investigations behind them. Osmani is a suspect in one of the Special Prosecutors Office cases. Sekerinska’s husband, who manages the Diners Club Macedonia, was charged with a fradulent rental property scheme.

Companies tied to Koco Angusev received millions in public procurement contracts after he was appointed to the Government, and he sold one of his companies to a Greek company for more than eight million EUR while talks were on-going on the name issue agreement, which prompted calls for investigation in Greece. And Lika has famously refused to go to work for most of his term so far, and only relented to do his job after Prime Minister Zaev said he may have to fire him.