VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova responded to attempts from the DUI party to present her campaign pitch for broader public support as something that is aimed against the ethnic Albanians. Siljanovska called on the voters to support VMRO in the general elections and get the party to a majority of 61 seats in Parliament, that would stop the current relationship that DUI has with SDSM, where they can extract huge concessions from the weak SDSM party. According to the DUI presidential candidate, this would undermine the Albanian national interests in Macedonia.

Mr. Bujar Osmani, the majority of 61 votes does not exclude ethnic communities. All systemic laws are adopted by the Badinter rule that guarantees support from the ethnic communities. But it does exclude the criminals from DUI who are willing to sell out anything to protect their positions and to continue to blackmail others, in hope that it will save them from accountability for their crimes nad the damage they inflicted on the country, Siljanovska said in a social media response.