A 51 year old member of the ethnic Albanian Istrefi family was killed yesterday early morning in the Swiss village of Ruth where he kept a hotel. It is believed that this is the latest killing in the long running feud between the Istrefi and Bojku families, and a revenge attack after Dilaver Bojku Leku, a high profile prostitution boss, was gunned down in Struga in 2017.

The two families are in war since 2015, when Bojku’s brother and son killed Fitim Istrefi (23) and wounded his brother.

In response, the Istrefi family is believed to have organized the mafia style killing of Dilaver Bojku. The revenge killing of the elder Istrefi, who was Fitim’s father, was long predicted in the Swiss village, and he was warned to lock his doors, Swiss media report. Still, his family angrily dismissed questions from journalists about the motive of the attack.