VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski accused the SDSM – DUI Government of abandoning the Macedonian diaspora, during a meeting with Macedonians living in Switzerland.

We can’t allow Macedonia to remain a country with flourishing corruption and shrinking economy. We need to strike against the corruption, create a functional system of rule of law and ensure a decent life for all, Nikoloski said.

He particularly accused the Government of the completely incompetent handling of the forced changes of personal documents with the imposed name “North Macedonia”. In a week, an estimated million Macedonian citizens who have passports with the name Republic of Macedonia will not be able to leave the country. This will be especially difficult for Macedonians who live and work abroad, in the diaspora.

We are literally throwing our people away, when we tell them that they can’t come back home to Macedonia, if they don’t have documents with the new, humiliating name of the country”, Nikoloski said.