The robbery of the state and the citizens by the Government of SDSM does not stop after the existence of SDSM, and it is most intensively seen and felt on the skin of the citizens in the last 5 years. The General Secretariat of the Government of SDSM is a den of corruption and crime in Macedonia. We have been saying that since day one and it turned out to be so, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson, Dimce Arsovski, said at a press conference on Saturday.

After Raskovski, Muhamed Zekiri is suspected of abuse of office and embezzlement of almost 1 million euros. Both of them committed the crime as general secretaries of the Government appointed by Zoran Zaev and both are people close to Zoran Zaev. Be sure that the one who will be appointed after Muhamed Zekiri will end up with criminal charges. This is only because crime and corruption are the basis of the work of SDSM and this government led by SDSM.

The scheme was similar to that of Raskovski. Raskovski sold software to himself and paid for it with public money, and in the case of Zekiri who was detained, his official position was abused and without conducting an appropriate public procurement procedure, ie tender, he concluded a contract for consulting services amounting to about 1 million euros.

Namely, as it is reported to the public, Zekiri and two Croatian citizens in the contract for consulting services for privatization of the state institution Macedonian Post Office, worth almost 1 million euros, was conducted as a seminar paper, said Arsovski.

He asked is it possible for Zaev’s closest people to steal without him knowing for years? Or to reformulate, is it possible for Zaev’s closest people to steal and not give him a single euro?, he added.