Revoting for the 2024 Parliamentary Elections will be held today in seven polling stations in electoral units 5 and 6. Revoting in the fifth electoral unit will be conducted at polling stations 1194 and 1202 in Krushevo, 1272 in Ohrid, 1470 and 1470/1 in Dolneni and 1844 in Struga, while in the sixth electoral unit at polling station 2101 in Želino.

A total of 4521 voters have the right to vote in these polling stations. In polling station 2101 in Želino, 993 voters have the right to vote, in polling station 1194 in Kruševo, 470 voters have the right to vote, in 1202 also in Kruševo 298, in 1272 in Ohrid 712, in Dolneni in the polling station 1470 – 659, while in 1470/1 – 634 and in polling station 1844 in Struga 755 voters.

Yesterday, sick and infirm persons, persons serving prison sentences, as well as persons placed in homes for out-of-family care, who belong to the polling stations where the voting for the parliamentary elections conducted on May 8, 2024, was annulled. The SEC informed that the re-voting proceeded smoothly, with no reported irregularities.The State Election Commission annulled the voting in these seven polling stations, and the decision was confirmed by the Administrative Court pointing out that the lawsuits of the “European Front” led by DUI are unfounded. The SEC also changed the members of the election boards in these polling stations.

Due to this decision of the Administrative Court and the SEC, DUI accused that electoral engineering is being done in order to deprive the party of two won parliamentary seats. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE hope that if the results of the voting in these seven polling stations are changed, they would get another mandate in the Parliament.

Yesterday, the State Election Commission awarded the Certificates for MPs for the confirmed parliamentary mandates.