Representatives from various political parties and coalitions signed the Code for Fair and Democratic Elections on Wednesday in preparation for the 11th parliamentary elections scheduled for May 8.

During a ceremony held in the Parliament, State Election Commission President Aleksandar Dashtevski emphasized that the signing is a demonstration of a commitment to uphold the integrity of the democratic process.

“The Code is a testament to the democratic progress of our society and our dedication to the principles of democracy,” stated Dashtevski. “By signing the Code, the signatories affirm their intention to adhere to all the rules, laws, and regulations while respecting the rule of law throughout the election process.”

Dashtevski added that by signing the document, political parties agree to uphold ethical standards and avoid using hate speech during the election campaign.

However, Stevcho Jakimovski, leader of the party Democrats and GROM, did not sign the Code for Fair and Democratic Elections.