As of 6 pm on Tuesday, Greek farmers engaged in protests have obstructed the Evzoni border crossing, hindering entry into Greece. Vehicles, both passenger and cargo, are permitted to pass through the border every half hour, but only for a duration of ten minutes.

Slavcho Bogev, the head of the Regional Center for Border Affairs “Jug” within the Ministry of Interior. He stated, “From 6 pm local time, access to Greece via the Evzoni border crossing is restricted due to roadblocks set up by Greek farmers. The ramps are lifted for a brief period of ten minutes every half hour, and currently, we do not have information on how long this entry blockade will persist.”

At present, there are no reported delays at other border crossings with Greece. However, at the Medzitlija-Niki border crossing, traffic was halted for three hours until 7 pm due to the blockade imposed by Greek farmers.