The comments made by Michael Carpenter, the United States Ambassador to the OSCE, reflect a clear stance regarding Foreign Minister Lavrov’s statements. Carpenter highlighted Lavrov’s tendency to place blame on others while suggesting that Lavrov should consider reflecting on Russia’s influence in various democratic countries, particularly in the Western Balkans.

Carpenter’s response regarding Lavrov’s claim about U.S. Secretary of State Blinken and the EU’s High Representative Borrell “fleeing a meeting” with Lavrov indicates a strong disapproval of engaging in discussions filled with what he described as lies, disinformation, and propaganda.

Regarding the functioning of the OSCE amidst potential blockades and vetoes, Carpenter emphasized the organization’s commitment to working through consensus, acknowledging the challenges posed by Russia’s actions that seemingly undermine the established international order.

Carpenter reaffirmed the United States’ stance on Kosovo, asserting support for Kosovo as an independent, democratic state. He emphasized the importance of talks for normalization between Kosovo and Serbia for regional security and stability. This reiteration of policy signals the United States’ ongoing commitment to supporting Kosovo’s democratic development and fostering dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.