Since Russia started its war in Ukraine more than 21 months ago, more than 170,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed, according to Olena Shuliak, the chairperson of a parliamentary committee that is in charge of regional development and urban planning in Kiev.

As stated by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform early on Friday, Shuliak stated in the agency’s blog that “more than 170,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the hostilities so far,” according to preliminary estimates from the Kiev School of Economics.The evidence indicates that 420 major and medium-sized businesses and more than 3,500 educational institutions were impacted by the Russian strikes. The devastation also affected 25,000 roads, 344 bridges and crossings, airports, and civilian airfields.

According to Shuliak, the goal is not just to return the villages to their pre-disaster status but also to reconstruct them even better.

Moscow has launched thousands of rockets at Ukraine since the country’s full-scale invasion started on February 24 of last year, wreaking havoc and killing about 10,000 civilians.