Israeli media said on Wednesday that Israel has obtained a new list of captives held in the Gaza Strip who were to be released.

The Times of Israel said that the individuals on the list are anticipated to be disclosed on Wednesday, citing the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Eleven of the several captives that were freed were dual citizens of Germany and Israel.

The article stated that the families of the captives in question had been notified, but it was still unknown how many would be freed.

Since Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas started a ceasefire on Friday, this would be the sixth set of hostages from Gaza to be freed. Over 81 hostages have been set free thus far. 180 Palestinians were freed from prison in exchange.
About 1,200 people were slain by Hamas fighters during the historic October 7 strikes in Israeli border villages close to Gaza, and another 240 were kidnapped and taken into the coastal Gaza Strip.

In response, Israel launched the most intense bombardment of the heavily populated Gaza Strip to date and started a ground invasion into the coastal region, which was the site of Hamas’ 2007 takeover by force.

Over 36,000 people have been injured and about 15,000 people have died in Gaza since the start of the conflict, according to the Health Ministry, which is managed by Hamas.

As of right now, the figures cannot be independently confirmed.