U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, James O’Brien, strongly criticized those obstructing the OSCE’s functionality, calling it a direct challenge not only to established values but also to the fundamental rights of millions of people. He described the OSCE as a beacon in upholding human rights and core values among governments.

O’Brien emphasized the privilege and choice in convening at the OSCE, recognizing the shared struggle to meet these aspirations and the necessity for collective support. He highlighted the collective responsibility to protect vulnerable populations within societies.

Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, O’Brien condemned it as a violation of civilized standards, international law, and the foundational principles of the OSCE. He urged Russia to cease these violations, expressing uncertainty about their willingness to listen.

Additionally, O’Brien expressed the U.S.’s belief in the potential success of the OSCE under Malta’s chairmanship in 2024.