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Macedonia 21.10.21 | 10:49

Government denies that Zaev was using an official vehicle to go to a campaign event

The Zaev Government denied reports in a number of media outlets, including in Republika, that he was using an official Government vehicle to attend an SDSM party rally in Skopje’s Butel district. These reports are misinformation. Prime Minister Zoran ZAev has never used an official vehicle for...

Macedonia 30.05.21 | 21:45

Badly indebted Macedonian Railways company buys a luxury new sedan for its manager

The badly indebted Macedonian Railways company decided to purchase a luxury new Ford Mondeo Titanium car for its manager Adnan Azizi. The company is best known for its dilapidated rolling stock and is regularly forced to take out loans mandated by the Government from other, better performing state owned...

Macedonia 15.03.21 | 18:08

Car thieves opened fire on pursuing police officers in Skopje

Car thieves opened fire on police officers in the Gazi Baba district of Skopje yesterday afternoon. The incident happened after a local citizen reported his Ford Fiesta was stolen during the night. A police patrol spotted the vehicle and tried to stop the two thieves. At one point during the pursuit...

Macedonia 09.03.21 | 13:46

Man from Tetovo tried to run another man over after an argument

A man from Tetovo tried to run over another man over a traffic dispute. The two men in their 40-ies were arguing after one of them left his broken down car on the main boulevards in the badly congested city yesterday evening. This obstructed the movement of another motorist, who, after a verbal dispute,...

Macedonia 26.02.21 | 12:50

Macedonian diplomatic car torched in Solun

A diplomatic car used by the Macedonian consulate in Solun (Thessaloniki) was torched overnight. Greek media outlets are reporting that the car was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire. Firefighters were summoned around 5:30 in the morning. Greek nationalists frequently target Macedonian owned...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 09:07

Official car used by the director of the Albanian language agency torched near Skopje

An official vehicle owned by the newly established agency for the use of the Albanian language was torched in Vizbegovo, north of Skopje. The agency director Ilber Sela apparently took the official car home with him, and it was burnt down overnight. The fire was reported at 3:40 in the morning. The agency...

Macedonia 11.10.20 | 23:13

Ten year old child among the victims of a horrific traffic accident near Skopje

A tragic traffic accident near Skopje claimed the life of a 19 year old child and a 40 year old man. A driver, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, was recklessly speeding through the village of Trubarevo, east of Skopje. At one point he lost control over his vehicle and slammed into pedestrians....

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 17:15

Elderly pedestrian badly injured after a hit and run by a woman driving a car with Swedish licence plates

The police is looking for a woman who was driving a Volkswagen with Swedish licence plates, who hit an elderly pedestrian yesterday around noon. The incident occurred in Skopje, at a parking on the Partizanska boulevard. The driver fled the scene, leaving the 76 year old man badly injured.

Macedonia 07.07.20 | 20:55

Minister Filipce gives a qualified apology after he was caught using his official car to go to an SDSM campaign event

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce pleaded ignorance after it was revealed that he used an official car, one donated by China no less, to go to an SDSM party event in Stip. Filipce is mixing official visits to hospitals and Covid-19 centers across the country with his ever more frequent partisan events....

Macedonia 04.07.20 | 21:46

Car torchings became common under the Zaev regime

The audio leak today, indicating involvement of the Zaev family in the burning of vehicles of opposition activists and political opponents turned the attention to the series of car torchings in the past several years that Zaev was in office. An early incident occurred in April 2017, when two cars were...

Macedonia 22.05.20 | 14:19

Car fished out of the Vardar river

A Volkswagen Polo had to be dragged out of the Vardar river this morning after it somehow ended in the waters. There were no passengers inside and it is still not clear what happened with one theory being that it was a car robbery gone bad. Firefighters found the vehicle largely submerged and filled...

Macedonia 14.05.20 | 11:47

Baby injured in a car accident near Veles

A three months old baby is among those injured when a car crashed out of the road near Veles and into a railway track where it was then hit by a train. The baby and the driver suffered heavy injuries, while the mother of the baby and tow other persons who were in the car are lightly injured in the initial...

Macedonia 04.05.20 | 17:02

Car burnt down in Stip, police is investigating if it was arson

A BMW car, owned by a 34 year old man from Stip, burnt down in a fire overnight. The fire spread to a neighboring car registered to a company in Skopje. Police is investigating the cause of the fire – and if it was a case of arson.

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 21:18

Only three passengers are allowed in the car during the state of emergency

More than three passengers, including the driver, must not ride in the same car, is one of the restrictions during the state of emergency in the country, said Slavjanka Petrovska, additional deputy interior minister. At an informative video session on the restrictions on the movements of the citizens,...

Macedonia 24.01.20 | 13:14

Car owned by former Economy Minister Kuci set on fire in Skopje

A car owned by former Economy Minister Driton Kuci was set on fire in Skopje overnight. The incident occurred in an underground garage in the Butel district where Kuci, an official of the DUI party, had parked his car. Along Kuci’s VW Golf, two other cars were damaged. There are still no indications...

Economy 02.01.20 | 10:38

Progressive duties imposed on car imports, linked to the vehicle’s price and environmental standards

The outgoing Government adopted a new regulation for duties on car imports that introduces a progressive scale depending on the value of the vehicle, and on its environmental standards. Vehicles that cost under 10.000 EUR will be exempt from the import tax, but it goes steeply up as the price increases,...

Macedonia 19.12.19 | 13:53

Young girl in critical condition, two others injured after being hit by a car in Skopje’s Cair area

A young girl is in critical condition and two others also injured when a car hit them in downtown Skopje earlier today. The incident occurred in the Cair district shortly before noon. A Passat car hit the girls who were walking along the busy street. All were quickly taken to the Mother Teresa clinic...

Macedonia 24.10.19 | 18:41

Cars owned by the family of SDSM official torched in Stip

Five vehicles were set on fire in Stip this morning, three of them belonging to the family of former SDSM member of Parliament Marinela Tuseva Maricic. Tuseva is the wife of Zaev’s foreign policy adviser Bojan Maricic and she blamed the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party for the incident. The leopard...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 14:53

Social Affairs Center: Children placed in separate place and taken away from their parents

The Center for Social Affairs issued Thursday a statement regarding the case of children locked in a car in the settlement of Lisice. The Center reported that the children were temporarily taken away from their parents and placed in a foster family. Documents and official results of the police and BPPO...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 12:08

Father of children left alone in a car was at church for Assumption of Mary Day celebration

Two children were found alone in a car parked in Skopje’s Novo Lisice neighborhood on Wednesday. The police, after citizens’ alerted, removed them from the vehicle and took them to the Clinical Center in Skopje. Eyewitnesses told Republika that the children were alone in the car and crying,...

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