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pX uo
Tag: David Geer
Macedonia 09.05.21 | 12:42

Dimitrov- Geer: Europe to keep its word

The position of the European Commission is very clear, from the very beginning the EC is very interested to see the holding of an intergovernmental conference with your country, as well as with Albania, which, in fact, means starting negotiations with Macedonia and Albania as soon as possible. On the...

Macedonia 17.03.21 | 15:46

Geer: Vaccine delivery is not at the desired level, but the Covax mechanism will start functioning

EU Ambassador to Macedonia, David Geer said Wednesday in Tetovo that the delivery of vaccines is not at the desired level, but believes that the Covax mechanism will start functioning properly. He explained that the EU wanted the vaccines to be provided from the very beginning, but stressed that the...

Macedonia 29.01.21 | 17:08

EU Ambassador says the country will start negotiations once agreement is reached

The path you are on now is two-way – the first is to continue the engagement with Bulgaria bilaterally, something that the Government is doing now, in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution and second – to continue the progress in the reforms, said EU Ambassador David Geer at Friday’s...

Macedonia 27.01.21 | 17:21

Strong commitment, engagement and coordination needed to preserve the heritage of Ohrid region

Natural and cultural heritage have universal value for us as individuals, communities, societies and wider organizations. They need to be preserved for future generations, said EU Ambassador David Geer sharing the concerns of UNESCO that the Ohrid region could be inscribed on the list of world heritage...

Macedonia 23.01.21 | 10:35

EU to provide vaccines for the Western Balkans, but it is not known when

The vaccination process should not be a race between countries. Europe will not be safe as long as all regions of Europe are safe. We are all affected and therefore, the EU has been side by side with the Western Balkans and the Republic of Macedonia since the beginning of the crisis. The Union will provide...

Macedonia 20.01.21 | 14:32

Geer: Effective fight against corruption needed for the country’s progress

Effective fight against corruption is needed for the country’s progress and better lives of the citizens, EU Ambassador David Geer said Wednesday. Good meeting with Anti-Corruption Commission President Ivanovska. Effective fight against corruption is needed for country’s progress and better lives...

Macedonia 14.01.21 | 18:25

Nikoloski and Geer discuss Macedonia’s EU integration and current political situation

Vice President of VMRO DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski, as President of the National Council for European Integration met Thursday with EU Ambassador David Geer. At the meeting I informed about the composition of the National Council for European Integration and the competencies that the Council has, the...

Macedonia 07.12.20 | 15:34

EU says Macedonia should resume dialogue with Bulgaria

EU Ambassador to Macedonia David Geer said at a press conference that what needs to be done now is to adopt the negotiating framework for the country and find a date for an intergovernmental conference between the country and the European Union. Of course, it is in our and your interest for this date...

Macedonia 20.11.20 | 14:21

PM Zoran Zaev meets EU Ambassador David Geer

The Prime Minister thanked the Ambassador for the EU’s assistance to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, in humanitarian aid and in financial support. He underlined that the government is firmly committed to its EU integration agenda, which is a strategic goal for the country. The EU Council Conclusions...

Macedonia 30.10.20 | 14:45

Osmani: There is progress in working groups between Macedonia and Bulgaria

There is a lot of speculation in the media on many topics. I do not think it is useful to add to that speculation, but what is important is that the discussion should continue, said EU Ambassador David Geer, when asked to comment on Politico’s reports of an alleged EU consensus on Bulgaria’s...

Macedonia 24.09.20 | 19:17

Dimitrov meets Geer: Another European friend with whom the prospects for EU membership will be even more tangible

Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov met Thursday with new EU Ambassador to Macedonia David Geer. Welcoming the new head of the EU Delegation in the country, Dimitrov stressed the fruitful cooperation so far with his predecessors and the local team in the EU Delegation. The arrival of Ambassador...

Macedonia 23.09.20 | 18:35

Maricic – Geer: EU to be partner in implementing rule of law reforms

The key reforms regarding Macedonia’s European integration are in the justice department, so the EU support will be very important for the Europeanization and transformation of the country, said Justice Minister Bojan Maricic at Wednesday’s meeting with the new EU Ambassador, David Geer. Welcoming...

Macedonia 23.09.20 | 17:41

Grubi – Geer meeting: The government is committed to reforms in public administration

First Deputy PM and Minister of Political System and Community Relations Artan Grubi met Wednesday with new EU Ambassador David Geer, saying the cooperation with the Union Delegation in the country was and will remain at the highest level. He assured Ambassador Geer that as a policy coordinator he would...

Macedonia 22.09.20 | 19:57

Zaev to meet new EU Ambassador Geer on Wednesday

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev is set to meet Wednesday the new EU Ambassador to Macedonia David Geer after which they will hold a joint press conference at 09:30h. The press conference will be streamed in English on the following link

Macedonia 21.09.20 | 17:38

Pendarovski – Geer: Rule of law will be central in EU accession talks

The rule of law will be central in the EU accession talks. It is the starting point, but also the final step in the negotiations, new EU Ambassador David Geer said presenting his letters of credence to President Stevo Pendarovski on Monday. The EU Ambassador underlined that accession talks will be demanding...

Macedonia 16.06.20 | 11:05

David Geer nominated as Head of the EU Delegation to Macedonia

Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, announced today senior appointments in the European External Action Service (EEAS). David Geer has been nominated as Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Macedonia. He is currently...