In a recent interview with 360 Stepeni, European Union Ambassador to Macedonia, David Geer, emphasized that foreign politicians’ visits to the country aim to provide context and foster friendly discussions rather than exerting pressure. He stressed that joining the EU strengthens a nation’s culture, identity, and historical understanding. Ambassador Geer reaffirmed that the Macedonian language is a crucial part of the negotiations and EU legislation will be translated into Macedonian.

Regarding concerns raised by opposition politicians about language, culture, and history, Geer stated that he addresses these issues by reassuring politicians and the public alike, emphasizing that the EU process reinforces the country’s identity and culture.

Geer also discussed the 2030 deadline for EU enlargement, noting that it depends on the dynamics within Macedonia. He stressed the importance of politicians and institutions coming together, treating the accession process as a national project, and focusing on reforms aligned with EU standards.

In conclusion, Geer highlighted Croatia’s example, where despite political differences, determination and agreement on core issues paved the way for EU membership, showing that success in the accession process is attainable through collaboration and shared goals.