The event ‘Empowering Judiciary and Safeguarding Youth in the Digital Age,’ organized by the Center for Legal Research and Analysis and the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, focused on the harmonization of laws, monitoring technological developments, regulatory accountability, and raising public awareness. Here are the key points from the event:

EU Ambassador’s Perspective: EU Ambassador David Geer emphasized the importance of raising awareness about the challenges of data protection and informing people about their rights in the digital age. He highlighted that data protection is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of democratic society. Geer stressed the need for laws to adapt to technology and noted significant progress in data protection in the EU Progress Report on the country.

Challenges in Compliance: Imer Aliu, Director of the Personal Data Protection Agency, pointed out a serious problem in the area of compliance and the need to harmonize numerous laws with the Law on Personal Data Protection. He mentioned ongoing efforts to communicate with the government, emphasizing the necessity of implementing data protection measures.

New Strategy in Personal Data Protection: Aliu informed that a new strategy in the field of personal data protection is being prepared to address the challenges posed by the digital society.

Monitoring Technological Developments: Natasha Gaber Damjanovska, Director of the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, stressed the importance of active monitoring of technological developments and regulatory responsibility. She highlighted the need for legal responses at both the national and international levels.

Legal Awareness Among Professionals: Damjanovska emphasized the necessity of raising awareness among legal professionals, indicating that it is part of their efforts within the framework of the academy.

Collaborative Cooperation: Aleksandra Cvetanovska, President of the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, emphasized the commitment to skill and knowledge enhancement. She highlighted the importance of collaborative cooperation between civil organizations and institutions to improve the situation.

Panel Discussions: The event included two panel discussions dedicated to empowering judiciary and safeguarding youth, addressing the challenges and solutions in these areas.

European Data Protection Day: The event was organized to mark January 28, the European Data Protection Day, commemorating the anniversary of the Council of Europe’s Convention 108 on the protection of personal information. It is celebrated annually by the 47 countries of the Council of Europe and the EU institutions.