The constitutional amendments won’t be EU’s last demand, the country must focus on the reforms, particularly in the rule of law, the EU Ambassador to Macedonia, David Geer, told Telma TV on Wednesday.

Asked what if the constitutional amendments are not adopted, Geer said that it is a sovereign decision, but it doesn’t mean that the EU will disappear.

“In that phase, the entire process that we were witnessing – the screening, the progress, the first intergovernmental session – all that will stop. You are, as we call you, a partner in the negotiations, along with Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. That process will stop for you., we will see for the others, it will depend on their progress in the reforms. It doesn’t mean that the EU will disappear. We will be present, we will continue to support the country, we will continue to invest. It also doesn’t mean that you should stop with thee reforms because it is still the fastest way to the EU. I think, however, that this is a much harder way, which brings us back to the momentum. What we fear is that the momentum may be lost, this opportunity to achieve a decisive progress will be lost”, Geer said.

Ambassador Geer also added that both, the EU and Macedonia are responsible for the country’s extremely long stay in the EU waiting room.