The European Union will send a mission to Macedonia to determine the extent of the abuses in the Judicial Council. This key institution that appoints and removes judges all but collapsed in the past months, after a group of its members removed its chair in violation of the statute, and then appointed a new one.

I think that turbulence is the right word for this situation. We follow it closely with great concern, said EU ambassador to Macedonia David Geer.

He said that the EU proposed to the Government that an EU evaluation mission is sent to the country to ensure the independence of the judiciary in the future. The Zaev – Kovacevski regime abused the judiciary to go after its political opponents, leading to arrests and prosecution of hundreds of VMRO-DPMNE activists and officials. Meanwhile, prosecutors and judges routinelly turn a blind eye to clear corruption scandals involving SDSM and DUI officials, leading to a collapse in the public perception of the judiciary – this branch of Government now enjoys the trust of just 4 percent of the citizens.