European Ambassador David Geer said today that they have regular contacts with various political parties that are part of the Government, as well as the opposition, explaining that the accession process for the EU must be a process in which there is an agreement between all political parties.

Of course, we maintain good contacts with all parties that claim to be committed to the European future of this country, given that reforms depend on cooperation between the divided parties. I will not go into the details of specific conversations about what is happening, but you can be sure that all our discussions and in all our discussions we always say what we think is the strategic interest of the EU and of this country that should join the EU as soon as possible, Geer said answering a journalist’s question after signing the EU Grant Agreement with the EIB for a wastewater treatment plant in Skopje.

The best way for that to happen, as he said, is through reforms, and precisely those reforms, he said, should progress quickly.

There are a number of areas where reforms need to be made and that is the only way forward to the EU. I am confident that this country can advance the reforms and I am very confident, I firmly believe that joining the EU is achievable very soon, Geer emphasized.

According to him, the whole issue of constitutional amendments is a sovereign decision that should be taken by this country.