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Macedonia 04.06.19 | 20:37

Handball legend Lazarov: I’ve never been so proud to be Macedonian

Macedonian handball legend Kire Lazarov said he has never felt such pride in being a Macedonian as he does now, after Vardar won the EHF Champions League title. This is a fairy tale, this will be talked about for many years. Vardar is symbol not just for all sports people, but for all outsiders, telling...

Sport 02.06.19 | 19:53

Vardar wins European championship – Macedonia celebrates!

Vardar won the European handball title. In a dramatic final game in Cologne, the Macedonian champion beat Hungarian Veszprem 27-24. Although Vardar had a solid 5 goals lead at the half-time, the team again showed its affinity to emotionally wreck its supporters, and allowed Veszprem to rally and narrow...

Sport 22.05.19 | 11:32

Final handball qualifier between Macedonia and Greece moved to Strumica

The Macedonian handball federation decided that the final qualifying game of the European 2020 championship will be held in Strumica, not in Skopje. The highly anticipated match is played on June 16th. Greece narrowly beat Macedonia in October and this will be a chance for payback.

Sport 22.05.19 | 10:09

Vardar wins Macedonian handball championship

Vardar breezed through Eurofarm to win it’s 13th Macedonian handball title yesterday. With two games to go, Vardar is already unreachable at the top of the league. The best handball team in the country has won nearly half of all championships since independence, the rest shared evenly between Metalurg...

Handball 07.05.19 | 13:31

Vardar to play Barcelona in Final Four semifinal

Vardar will play Barcelona in the semifinals of the Final Four tournament of the handball Champions League, decided a draw in Cologne on Tuesday. Telekom Veszprem plays Vive Kielce In the other semifinal match. The final Four tournament will take place in Cologne on June 1-2.

Sport 15.04.19 | 13:02

Macedonia draws with Iceland in handball championship qualifier

Macedonia was tied with Iceland during the European handball championship qualifier on Sunday in Skopje. The game was marred by reports that security at the sports hall where the match was played prevented supporters from entering with the Kutles/Vergina star flag, which is being banned under the Prespa...

Sport 11.04.19 | 00:04

Thriller in Iceland, Macedonia wins in the last second

Dejan Manaskov scored in the last second of the European handball qualified in Iceland, to secure the win for Macedonia. It was a thriller debut game for new coach Danilo Brestovac who will learn early that it’s good to take something for the nerves when Macedonia plays. Manaskov led the team and...

Sport 04.04.19 | 12:26

Andrijana Budimir named coach of the male U-17 handball team

Handball great Andrijana Budimir was named coach of the Macedonian U-17 handball team, making her the first female coach of a male national team. Budimir has already worked extensively with the team through her handball school and knows the players well. In her new official role she will be paired with...

Sport 24.03.19 | 11:36

Vardar beats Zagreb 27 – 18 in Champions League game

Macedonian handball team Vardar easily defeated the Croatian team Zagreb in the first game of their Champions League match. Despite the home team advantage, Zagreb was powerless to stop Vardar, eventually losing 18 – 27. This all but ensures that Vardar will qualify for the quarter-finals, with...

Sport 24.02.19 | 00:28

Vardar beats Kristianstad in handball Champions League group game

The Vardar handball team defeated Swedish Kristianstad 32:30 in an away game which ensures that Vardar will be at least 3rd in the Group A of the EHF Champions League. The hosts held the lead for most of the first half, and the halftime score had them up by 1 goal – 17:16. But Vardar did significantly...

Balkans 22.02.19 | 19:51

Head of the Red Star handball club killed in a workplace argument in Belgrade

Mirko Butulija, director of the Serbian Red Star handball club, was killed today after he tried to intervene in an argument between two employees. Butulija was also head of the associations of motorists of Serbia. After he witnessed an argument in the office, he tried to separate the two employees, when...

Sport 04.02.19 | 13:29

Raul Gonzalez leaves as coach of the Macedonian national handball team

El Comandante Raul Gonzalez is leaving the coaching position in the Macedonian national handball team. The Handball Association announced it has come to a mutually agreeable decision and that Gonzalez will leave the position and focus on his other job – as coach of Paris Sent Germain. Our A team...

Sport 17.01.19 | 20:51

Macedonia loses to Iceland 24:22

Macedonia lost against Iceland in the World handball championship in Munich, costing it a chance to play in the final rounds. Instead, Macedonia will fight for a place between the 13th and 16th seed. Coach Raul Gonzales’ team had a narrow lead for most of the game and was very solid in the first...

Handball 17.01.19 | 10:21

Spain beats Macedonia at handball worlds

The Macedonian men’s national handball team lost to Spain 32:21 in the group stage of the World Handball Championship in Munich late on Wednesday. Macedonia greatly opened the match and for most of the first half were in the lead of one-two goals, but they did not manage to maintain the advantage...

Sport 11.01.19 | 17:06

Macedonian handball team beats Japan 38:29

Macedonia beat Japan in its first game of the World handball championship in Munich. Coach Raul Gonzales’ team was confident throughout the game against fast Japanese players and Borko Ristoski was excellent on goal, helping the team to a 38:29 win. Captain Kiril Lazarov, pivot Stojance Stoilov...

Handball 04.01.19 | 13:28

Macedonia’s national handball team to play in new jerseys at 2019 Handball World Cup in Denmark and Germany

The Macedonian national handball team will play in new jerseys at the 2019 Handball World Cup in Denmark and Germany, it was announced following Thursday’s promotion of the new jerseys by Hummel, which remains a partner of the Handball Federation of Macedonia. Hundreds of fans were present at the...