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Macedonia 18.01.24 | 20:13

If the JSP employees do not get their December salary by Monday, they will not work

If the JSP employees do not get their December salary by Monday, it hinges on whether the Council of the City of Skopje will convene an emergency session and vote on the proposed subsidies for JSP in 2024, as per the company’s trade unions. In the event of a delay, this would mark the second time...

Macedonia 16.12.22 | 12:58

JSP management board asks Arsovska appointed director to pay the debt to private bus transporters

The management board of JSP Skopje, through a recommendation to undertake activities aimed at reducing debts to suppliers, requests the Acting Director of JSP Skopje to undertake all possible activities under his authority in order to reduce debts to the three principals with the largest negative balances...

Macedonia 06.12.22 | 09:45

What “Pucko Petrol”, JSP and a Skopje accountant have to do with the Skopje blockade?

The effect of the Arsovska-Kovacevski meetings is a blocked city, a bankrupt JSP and suspicion of commissions that end up in private pockets, VMRO-DPMNE accuses this morning, announcing a new crime involving the Skopje’s enterprise, the companies of the official from Plasnica and an accountant...

Macedonia 25.11.22 | 13:54

Private bus companies protest in front of JSP premises, demand meeting with company’s director

Private bus companies protested today in front of the headquarters of the Public Transport Company (JSP) in Avtokomanda, where they demanded a meeting with the director. They demand from the director of JSP an explanation about the unpaid debt, which, as they say, as of November, will amount to around...

Macedonia 30.10.22 | 22:24

Private bus company will stop operating as the city of Skopje fails to pay its debts

The Makekspres privately owned bus company announced that it will stop working half a dozen bus lines in the capital Skopje. The reason is that the publicly owned Skopje transport company, JSP, owes Makekspres half a million EUR. JSP is in shambles after Mayor Danela Arsovska decided to dramatically...

Macedonia 21.10.22 | 13:47

JSP employees receive their salaries, city bus service functioning normally

JSP Skopje public transit company employees have received their paychecks over which they held protests Wednesday halting the city’s bus service so buses are back on the streets, their union leader, Mikjo Stojanovski, told MIA. Salaries have been transferred to employee accounts, we continue to operate...

Macedonia 20.10.22 | 14:25

City of Skopje: Salaries provided, JSP continues with normal functioning

The City of Skopje informs JSP continues with normal functioning after the City of Skopje found a solution to the artificially caused crisis in the company. We call for the management of the company, in the form of the Board of Directors, to submit immediately an irrevocable resignation from office due...

Macedonia 19.10.22 | 18:30

Skopje without public transport tomorrow – No JSP buses from 4:30 h

Tomorrow there will be no public transport in Skopje from 4:30 h. The employees did not get paid even today, and as the trade unions of the public company who attended the extraordinary session of the Council of the City of Skopje said the councilors and the mayor are pursuing their own politics and...

Macedonia 19.10.22 | 13:10

JSP buses resuming service after being checked for bombs, JSP employees start protest outside government building

The employees of JSP today started the protest in front of the Government building and in front of other institutions due to non-payment of the September salary. The management of the representative unions of JSP announced yesterday that they will protest until the promises are realized, but the employees...

Macedonia 19.10.22 | 09:55

Protest and bomb threat in JSP

The employees of JSP Skopje will protest this afternoon in front of the government building because of unpaid wages. The people of Skopje deserve quality and regular service, but since the Government and the municipalities do not fulfill their obligations to the JSP, the company announces that from today,...

Economy 05.01.22 | 18:11

Energy regulators refuse request from the Skopje public transit company to freeze the price of methane

The Regulatory Energy Commission (RKE) rejected the request from Skopje’s JSP publis transit company to freeze the price of methane used to power much of its bus fleet. Methane prices are surging in Europe and the public company is facing serious financial difficulties. But RKE insists that the...

Macedonia 28.12.21 | 12:43

Skopje transit authority re-introduces 11 night bus lines

The Skopje public transit company is introducing 11 night bus lines. These lines were cancelled two years ago under Mayor Silegov. Most of the lines will operate every day, but some will operate on weekends or holidays.

Macedonia 06.10.20 | 13:03

City of Skopje increases number of buses on most lines

Starting Tuesday, the Skopje public transportation company JSP has returned much of the traffic to normal, after months of reductions in the number of buses. The reductions were in response to the coronavirus linked curfews and the overall decline in commute, but it also had the counter-effect of creating...