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Macedonia 07.03.22 | 12:00

Foreign Ministry begins campaign to inform Russians of what is being done in Ukraine

The Macedonian Foreign ministry prepared a non-paper in its capacity as upcoming chair of OSCE, and is inviting institutions and citizens to begin people to people contacts with individuals and institutions in Russia. The goal of the campaign is to inform the Russian people of what is being done in Ukraine,...

Macedonia 14.06.21 | 09:14

VMRO-DPMNE resumes its protests, will block the Foreign Ministry for two hours

VMRO-DPMNE resumes its protests today, and will blockade the Foreign Ministry for two hours, starting at 17h. The opposition party is in revolt against the secretive talks the Zaev regime is conducting with Bulgaria. The Executive Committee of the party met in Bitola over the weekend and decided that...

Macedonia 14.05.21 | 22:32

Bulgarian caretaker Government is ready to talk, but notes it doesn’t have mandate to change the consensus position

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry announced that its caretaker Minister Svetlan Stoev is ready to have a phone conversation with his Macedonian counterpart Bujar Osmani, but noted that not much will change in the coming months. Bulgaria is without a political Government after the inconclusive April elections...

Macedonia 31.12.20 | 10:40

Bulgaria calls on Macedonia to protect ethnic Bulgarians and dual citizens from online hate campaigns

The Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a call to Macedonia to protect Bulgarians living in Macedonia from being called out on social media. The Foreign Affairs Ministry is carefully following the constant publications of lists of Bulgarian citizens of the Republic of Macedonia on the social media,...

Macedonia 01.12.20 | 14:57

Milososki: Osmani and Dimitrov are conducting secret negotiations with Bulgaria

Former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki led the protests in front of the Foreign Ministry building today, which is being blockaded for several hours by VMRO-DPMNE, in protest against the expected new round of concessions to Bulgaria. The two countries are holding secretive talks as the deadline until...

Macedonia 09.06.19 | 21:36

Qualified job candidates who were rejected by the Foreign Ministry go public

Several young people who applied for openings in the Foreign Ministry have gone public to complain how they’ve been rejected despite being qualified, or even over-qualified, and said that, with options closing in Macedonia, they will have to leave the country. First up was Stojan Andov, who said...

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