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Macedonia 10.11.22 | 09:18

Mickoski in Tetovo: The problem is the same for everyone, so we must ensure changes that will bring the future

Tonight in victorious Tetovo. More and more people are moving out, leaving because of the difficult life, and dissatisfied with the government. The problem is the same for everyone, so we must ensure changes that will bring the future. The common future is what we believe in and what the people deserve!,...

Macedonia 23.09.22 | 17:39

Monument to Revolution in Tetovo vandalized

The monument to the Revolution in the center of Tetovo has been vandalized who knows how many times now, citizens write on social media. According to an eyewitness, members of an ethnic community (children) did what you see with large stones….for which they later received a “fee” from...

Macedonia 21.08.22 | 10:37

Besa: We defeated the regime of tyranny, thanks to the citizens of Tetovo

The chief of staff of the Besa Movement, Sadat Sulejmani, declared victory in the municipal council elections in Tetovo. Once again we kept our word, all together. We are 1,000 votes ahead of DUI. We thank the citizens of Tetovo that together we defeated the regime of tyranny. We won at every polling...

Macedonia 20.08.22 | 09:04

Voters in Mavrovo-Rostuse and Centar Zupa vote for mayor; Tetovo elects municipal councilors

The municipalities of Mavrovo-Rostuse and Centar Zupa on Saturday hold repeated mayoral elections after voter turnout was low at the 2021 elections, while Tetovo holds extraordinary elections for councilors after no agreement for majority was reached at the municipal council. A total of 101,174 voters,...

Macedonia 18.08.22 | 20:59

The head of SDSM’s list for Tetovo elections pretended to be Albanian in order to get a job

In order to get a job at the Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs Tetovo, the current head of SDSM’s councilor list for the local elections in Tetovo, Gligorije Stojanovski, stated in the application that he was Albanian, because the advertisement stated that it was intended for the employment...

Macedonia 12.08.22 | 13:26

Bulgaria didn’t want it either: The electric vehicle to be produced in Tetovo was declared the worst ever in Germany

The government yesterday boasted that electric vehicles will be manufactured in Tetovo. It sounds good, especially with the trend that has swept Europe for electric vehicles, especially after EU’s announcement that in ten years the production of gasoline and diesel vehicles will be banned. The...

Macedonia 29.05.22 | 21:39

Kasami to seek help from the Government in dealing with the consequences of the storm in Tetovo

The Municipal Crisis HQ held a session in Tetovo in the afternoon due to the storm in the city and the material damage caused to the properties of citizens and institutions at the local level. The Mayor of Tetovo, Bilal Kasami informed that they seek assistance from the Government in overcoming the situation. Inadequate...

Macedonia 29.05.22 | 20:58

Fokus: How did DUI become the owner of a building in the center of Tetovo?

The ruling DUI led by Ali Ahmeti has increased the party real estate with a business-administrative building located in the center of Tetovo, near the “Telekom” building, writes Fokus weekly. According to the data it obtained, it is a building with a ground floor and 3 floors covering 452...

Macedonia 29.05.22 | 09:45

Tetovo streets under water due to landslides, new bridge fails to withstand the rain

After several hours of rain in the Tetovo region, problems emerged last night on the Sipkovica – Brodec road, as well as on several city streets that were flooded due to large amounts of water accumulated on the lanes. The Sipkovica – Brodec section is blocked due to landslides and stones...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 22:14

Tetovo: Boy drowned in the river Pena

Tragedy struck in Tetovo, as a six year old boy drowned in the river Pena. The boy was playing in the yard of the family house, which is close to the river, when he slipped and fell in teh stream. His mother jumped after him but could not reach him, and herself was only saved by the efforts of two neighbors. The...

Macedonia 24.03.22 | 16:50

Man from Tetovo attacked a TV crew

A man from Tetovo was detained for attacking a TV cameraman. The attack happened today around 11h, when a TV crew was reporting on the main “Ilinden” boulevard. There is no word why the 31 year old man attacked the young reporter. Police has kept the attacker in detention.

Macedonia 20.03.22 | 12:35

Two groups of drug traffickers arrested in Tetovo

Tetovo police raided a club yesterday evening and arrested five men who had cocaine and marijuana on them. The men were from Tetovo and the near-by areas of Poroj and Semsevo. In a separate drug raid, the police arrested two marijuana traffickers.

Macedonia 18.03.22 | 20:29

Molotov cocktails thrown in a casino in Tetovo, two officers were injured

Two men were arrested in Tetovo this morning, after they set fire to a casino. Two police officers were injured in the incident. The attack happened at 5 in the morning on the main Ilinden boulevard. The attackers threw Molotov cocktails in a casino. The officers were already inside due to an earlier...

Macedonia 08.03.22 | 14:27

Six months after the tragedy, the Prosecution is in a “phase of evidence analysis”

Six months after the fire in the modular covid hospital in Tetovo when 14 people lost their lives, the Prosecution informs that an analysis phase of all collected evidence is underway. According to their information, it is still necessary to work on fully establishing the facts in the case in order to...

Macedonia 18.02.22 | 16:05

Mickoski: We have a plan how to ensure that early elections take place

Speaking in Tetovo after his meeting with the Mayor Bilal Kasami, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the party has a strategy how to ensure that early elections take place before 2024. Of course I have a plan. I’m a serious man, and everything I do in life is under a plan. Be patient...

Macedonia 16.02.22 | 18:18

Tetovo Mayor Kasami hired advisers for a token salary of 10 denars a month

After publishing the full list of part time employees in the city of Tetovo, newly elected Mayor Bilal Kasami also revealed his own hires – and said that they worked in October for a fee of just 10 denars. Kasami is trying to shame former Mayor Teuta Arifi who hired over 540 people, which he says...

Macedonia 01.02.22 | 17:45

Tetovo Mayor Kasami in isolation after testing positive

Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami informed the public that he tested positive to the coronavirus.  Kasami said that he will self-isolate and conduct his duties from home. The news case hours after he met with the Swiss Ambassador to Macedonia. The country is undergoing a major new wave of the illness, caused...

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 12:36

Tetovo prosecutors will need three weeks to determine whether to press charges in the deadly Covid hospital fire

Tetovo prosecutors told TV24 that they will need to examine the new report about the deadly Covid hospital fire in detail before they decide whether they will press charges. Months went by since the September 8th fire that killed 14 patients and family members and they were spent waiting for the report...

Macedonia 25.01.22 | 10:10

German report in the Tetovo hospital fire also points to the wiring, still early to say whether it will lead to criminal charges

According to Alsat TV, the report prepared by German forensics experts after the deadly fire in the improvised Covid hospital in Tetovo points to the extension cord used to power a defibrilator as the likely source of the fire. This was also the opinion of local investigators, who are waiting for the...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 14:52

German expert report on the deadly Tetovo hospital fire is translated, given to local prosecutors

Tetovo prosecutors are finally expected to begin using a report prepared by German experts after the deadly Covid hospital fire in September that killed 14 patients and their family members. The report was recently sent to Macedonia and has now been translated. Initial investigation showed that a defibrilator...