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Macedonia 25.02.21 | 13:10

Parts of Tetovo left without water for over three days

Parts of Tetovo, especially the higher elevation areas, have been without water for three days now. The overconstructed city suffers from chronic lack of water in summer, but now is the period of the year when melting snow should ensure ample water. The areas of Koltuk and Dva Bresta are being supplied...

Macedonia 19.02.21 | 18:02

Alternative party calls on Healthcare Minister Filipce to investigate the incident in the Tetovo hospital

The Alternative party called on Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to investigate the incident that occurred in the Tetovo hospital two weeks ago. The incident reportedly erupted between rival officials from the DUI and BESA parties, who are nominally coalition partners, but also bitter rivals. After...

Macedonia 16.02.21 | 18:26

Elderly woman died in a fire near Tetovo

An elderly woman from the village of Zilce near Tetovo died in a fire this morning. Macedonia is hit by a cold wave and it’s possible this contributed to the tragic accident. The fire was reported by the son of the victim. Tetovo firefighters put it out but were too late to save the 80 year old...

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 18:49

City of Tetovo goes viral with its comedic inability to respond to the snow

The Tetovo municipal worker filmed casually throwing fistfulls of salt on a completely snowed in street went viral across Macedonia, and today, set to classical music, it was carried by the Swiss Blick daily newspaper. Tetovo is notoriously congested even during the best of times, and this weekend it...

Macedonia 08.02.21 | 23:05

Tetovo has three times more municipal employees than Gostivar, and only 2,000 residents more

The Mayor of Gostivar, Arber Taravari, spoke on TV Telma’s “Top tema” show, among other things, about the number of employees in the municipalities. He said that Tetovo has only two thousand residents more than Gostivar, but the municipal administration has 580 employees, compared to...

Macedonia 05.02.21 | 17:21

DUI and BESA officials got into a fight in the Tetovo hospital

Rival administrators in the Tetovo hospital, appointed by the DUI and BESA parties, started a fight on Wednesday over the use of a car owned by the hospital. BESA had its official Artan Etemi appointed as financial manager of the hospital, which is dominated by DUI appointees. The position was created...

Macedonia 31.01.21 | 22:26

Forgery for money was operating in Tetovo

Alsat-M TV is reporting that a group of money forgers was uncovered in the area of Tetovo. According to initial reports, the fake bills were seized in a casino in Kumnaovo, and the investigation into their origin led to Tetovo. More details are expected tomorrow.

Macedonia 14.01.21 | 12:18

Child killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo

A six year old child was killed in a traffic accident in Tetovo yesterday afternoon. A 30 year old driver in a Volkswagen Golf hit the child on the major Video Smilevski – Bato boulevard. The child was rushed to the Tetovo hospital, but doctors could only pronounce death.

Macedonia 11.01.21 | 16:29

The water in Tetovo is not safe to drink due to strong rains

Citizens of Tetovo are being warned not to drink the water supplied by the municipal water company. The reason is that the pouring rains have affected the springs on Shara mountain and have pulled impurities in the reservoirs. Tetovo has a long standing problem with potable water, but that is usually...

Macedonia 11.01.21 | 10:22

Police raids strip-tease bar near Tetovo

The police raided a night club near Tetovo which served as a front for prostitution and strip-tease. The club was also in violation of the coronavirus restrictions, and was open after the mandatory 18h closing time. During the raid, 18 women were detained – 15 of them were foreigners, from Russia,...

Macedonia 28.12.20 | 14:07

Tetovo police returns girl (17) home 10 days after she was reported missing

Tetovo police found a 17 year old girl that was reported missing in mid December from the village of Palatica. She was found on Tetovo’s main street on Sunday evening. The girl has been returned to her family home.

Macedonia 08.12.20 | 18:49

Fourteen women detained in night club raid in Tetovo

Tetovo police raided a night club yesterday, and detained 14 females – foreign citizens. The women were citizens of Albania (7), Serbia (6) and Kosovo (1).  The owner of the club was also detained. Apart from likely operating as front for prostitution, the club was in violation of coronavirus...

Macedonia 29.11.20 | 11:13

Albanians in Tetovo and other cities celebrate the day of the Albanian flag

Cities with large Albanian communities and Tetovo in particular yesterday held noisy celebrations of the Day of the Albanian flag – November 28. Football fans gathered in Tetovo to light red torches and throughout the day cars and even horsemen rode through the city waving the flag. The day commemorates...

Macedonia 27.11.20 | 17:23

Mickoski urges citizens to join mass protests in seven cities

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called on the citizens of Kumanovo, Tetovo, Veles, Kavadarci, Prilep, Bitola and Ohrid to take to the streets this afternoon and join the protests against the Zaev regime. Resignation for Zaev – liberation for the people. Protests now, before it is too late....

Macedonia 25.11.20 | 12:54

Tetovo tops list of most polluted cities in the world in mid-2020

Tetovo tops the list of most polluted cities in the world, published on Numbeo’s online data base offering information on pollution, costs of living in the countries and the cities, healthcare protection, crime and traffic. The list is compiled according to the pollution index in the middle of...

Macedonia 08.11.20 | 10:30

Tetovo radiologist Vladimir Evtimovski died of Covid-19

Tetovo hospital radiologist Vladimir Evtimovski died from Covid-19. His colleagues say that he began feeling symptoms on Monday and after a sudden deterioration of his condition was rushed to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. Evtimovski was 50, worked in public healthcare for almost 20 years...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 15:41

Two dozen charges over fraudulent contracts involving Tetovo and Gostivar town halls

Fokus reports that prosecutors, acting on evidence from the financial police, have detained a number of businessmen, bankers and accountants in relation to suspicious public procurement contracts issued by the Tetovo and Gostivar municipal authorities. The names of the businessmen involved were concealed...

Macedonia Economy 02.10.20 | 22:35

Protesters block the Tetovo – Gostivar highway in revolt against the electricity price hike

Protesters blocked the Tetovo – Gostivar highway for one hour this afternoon, in revolt against the steep increase of the electricity prices mandated by the Energy regulatory committee. The 7.4 percent hike was announced shortly after the general elections during which the ruling SDSM party campaigned...

Macedonia 01.10.20 | 15:23

High school students in Tetovo boycott online classes, want to go to school

Some of the high school students from several high schools where classes are held in Albanian language gathered in front of the high school “Kiril Pejcinovic” in Tetovo around 13:30 h and thus boycotted the online learning. The high school students think that they should go to school and...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 10:30

Mass protest against the energy price hike in Tetovo

A large group of protesters marched through Tetovo yesterday, demanding that the recent energy price hike is reversed. The committee regulating energy prices waited until a few days after the elections to announce prices are going up by steep 7.4 percent. Во моментов се оддржува...