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Macedonia 29.11.20 | 11:13

Albanians in Tetovo and other cities celebrate the day of the Albanian flag

Cities with large Albanian communities and Tetovo in particular yesterday held noisy celebrations of the Day of the Albanian flag – November 28. Football fans gathered in Tetovo to light red torches and throughout the day cars and even horsemen rode through the city waving the flag. The day commemorates...

Macedonia 27.11.20 | 17:23

Mickoski urges citizens to join mass protests in seven cities

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called on the citizens of Kumanovo, Tetovo, Veles, Kavadarci, Prilep, Bitola and Ohrid to take to the streets this afternoon and join the protests against the Zaev regime. Resignation for Zaev – liberation for the people. Protests now, before it is too late....

Macedonia 25.11.20 | 12:54

Tetovo tops list of most polluted cities in the world in mid-2020

Tetovo tops the list of most polluted cities in the world, published on Numbeo’s online data base offering information on pollution, costs of living in the countries and the cities, healthcare protection, crime and traffic. The list is compiled according to the pollution index in the middle of...

Macedonia 08.11.20 | 10:30

Tetovo radiologist Vladimir Evtimovski died of Covid-19

Tetovo hospital radiologist Vladimir Evtimovski died from Covid-19. His colleagues say that he began feeling symptoms on Monday and after a sudden deterioration of his condition was rushed to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. Evtimovski was 50, worked in public healthcare for almost 20 years...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 15:41

Two dozen charges over fraudulent contracts involving Tetovo and Gostivar town halls

Fokus reports that prosecutors, acting on evidence from the financial police, have detained a number of businessmen, bankers and accountants in relation to suspicious public procurement contracts issued by the Tetovo and Gostivar municipal authorities. The names of the businessmen involved were concealed...

Macedonia Economy 02.10.20 | 22:35

Protesters block the Tetovo – Gostivar highway in revolt against the electricity price hike

Protesters blocked the Tetovo – Gostivar highway for one hour this afternoon, in revolt against the steep increase of the electricity prices mandated by the Energy regulatory committee. The 7.4 percent hike was announced shortly after the general elections during which the ruling SDSM party campaigned...

Macedonia 01.10.20 | 15:23

High school students in Tetovo boycott online classes, want to go to school

Some of the high school students from several high schools where classes are held in Albanian language gathered in front of the high school “Kiril Pejcinovic” in Tetovo around 13:30 h and thus boycotted the online learning. The high school students think that they should go to school and...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 10:30

Mass protest against the energy price hike in Tetovo

A large group of protesters marched through Tetovo yesterday, demanding that the recent energy price hike is reversed. The committee regulating energy prices waited until a few days after the elections to announce prices are going up by steep 7.4 percent. Во моментов се оддржува...

Economy 29.08.20 | 09:31

Protests in Tetovo and Gostivar against the energy price hike

Hundreds of citizens of Tetovo and Gostivar protested yesterday afternoon against the planned energy price hike of 7.4 percent. The price hike was timed for shortly after the elections, while the ruling parties SDSM and DUI campaigned on a modest energy subsidy they introduced earlier and on the promise...

Macedonia 26.08.20 | 12:23

Man from Tetovo charged with raping three minors over the past two years

A 43 year old man from a village near Tetovo is charged with rape against three minors aged 14. The assaults were perpetrated in 2019 and 2020, and the man used weapons, including a gun, and photographs to intimidate the minors into sexual acts. The court ordered a month long detention of the predator.

Macedonia 14.08.20 | 12:09

Tetovo police arrests the man who torched two EVN vehicles

Tetovo police said that it arrested the man who torched two vehicles owned by the EVN energy distribution company. The culprit is identified as K.O. (43). The Dacia and Nissan are nearly completely destroyed, and a near-by Golf was also affected by the fire that was planted overnight. It’s believed...

Macedonia 14.08.20 | 10:36

Two EVN vehicles torched in Tetovo

Two vehicles owned by the energy distribution company EVN were set on fire yesterday in Tetovo. The incident comes shortly after electricity prices were hiked by steep 7.4 percent. This sparked a protest in Tetovo, where the Austrian owned EVN has faced resistance when trying to collect on unpaid bills. Meanwhile,...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 13:56

Mother and daughter attacked by armed robbers in their apartment in Tetovo

A mother and daughter were attacked by armed robbers in their apartment in the center of Tetovo yesterday. Several attackers carrying pistols broke into the apartment, attacked the 47 year old woman and her daughter, and grabbed money, a phone and gold jewelry. The incident happened on Sunday evening.

Macedonia 05.08.20 | 20:25

Gay rights activist beaten in Tetovo

Gay rights activist Bekim Asani was attacked close to his own office in Tetovo. Asani said that the attackers derisively asked him “are you that ‘faggot?'” and then began punching him. The attack on the ethnic Albanian LGBT activist was perpetrated by two men. It’s not the first...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 17:11

Culev punishes police official who initiated an incident in Tetovo on election day

Interior Minister Nake Culev approved the strictest possible disciplinary measure for one of his own advisers, Zoran Georgievski who on election day had an incident on election day with the traffic police chief of Tetovo Zoran Talev. It was found that Georgievski initiated the incident and the disciplinary...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 21:29

Kasami says that the vote for BESA and SDSM is a vote for EU membership

BESA party leader Bilal Kasami, who campaigned together with SDSM and lead the joint list in the 6th district, said that the elections are a “golden opportunity to continue on the Euro-Atlantic path”. Kasami, who raised the question over how loyal he will be to SDSM once in the Parliament,...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:18

Two officers involved in an incident in Tetovo

Two police officers were involved in an incident today, around 16h, reported in Tetovo. The Interior Ministry said that its internal control is investigating the case. It’s unclear whether it was related to the elections. Police officers are banned from campaigning and Interior Minister Nake Culev...

Macedonia 09.07.20 | 17:26

Zaev has hard time selling his policy at the Tetovo market

Zoran Zaev had an unpleasant exchange that was caught on camera as he was promoting his latest election promises at the Tetovo farmers’ market. He was confronted by several men who told him he can’t count on the votes of ethnic Albanians any more because he betrayed his past promises. –...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 19:39

SDSM is trying to bribe and pressure a sick man to vote for them, the daughter claims

The family of a disabled man from Brvenica near Tetovo said that activists from the ruling SDSM party were harassing them to vote, even offering flour and cooking oil as bribes. They never come to ask how we are doing, how we are coping, but when election comes, they show up to campaign. How do you expect...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 12:53

Doctor from Tetovo, who was months before his retirement, dies of the coronavirus

Arifikmet Deari (64), an urologist from Tetovo, is the first doctor to die from Covid-19 in Macedonia. The doctor had a prior neurological condition, said Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. He died months before retiring. My condolences to the family. I urge medical professionals to take care of themselves,...