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Macedonia 09.09.19 | 17:32

Another assault in the Tetovo hospital, this time a doctor attacked a patient

A doctor from the Tetovo hospital attacked a patient yesterday afternoon. The incident occurred as the patient, a 67 year old man from Brvenica, was speaking on his phone while waiting. This annoyed the doctor who kicked the man. The incident comes three days after a doctor from the same hospital was...

Macedonia 06.09.19 | 15:35

Doctor badly beaten up by a patient in the Tetovo hospital

A doctor from Tetovo hospital was badly beaten up by a patient today and had to be hospitalized in the Skopje Neurosurgery Clinic. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce confirmed the incident and said that the doctor is in stable condition and doesn’t have serious injuries. The incident occured at...

Macedonia 09.08.19 | 20:34

Skopje – Tetovo highway covered in paint following a traffic accident

Three people were injured in a traffic accident on the Skopje – Tetovo highway today, which also resulted in paint being spread all along the road. A car collided with a truck carrying paint, strewing the buckets everywhere. The car driver sustained injuries, while his passenger and the truck...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 09:55

DUI member of Parliament Xhevat Ademi denies reports that he shot his son by mistake during a wedding

Two people were badly wounded by celebratory gunfire during a wedding in the village of Mala Recica, west of Tetovo. One of them is the son of DUI member of Parliament Xhevat Ademi. Some Albanian language media outlets have reported that Ademi was the one who was firing in the air and mistakenly shot...

Macedonia 29.07.19 | 10:58

Police finds 12 foreign dancers working in a restaurant near Tetovo

A police raid in a restaurant near Tetovo uncovered 12 foreign women who were working as “dancers”. The women, aged 20 to 40, are from Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria. Police from the department of cross-border crime will process the women. Such locales are common in this part of the country...

Macedonia 26.07.19 | 13:20

Driver of recently dismissed Deputy Prime Minister Hazbi Lika shot dead in Tetovo

A 57 year old man from Tetovo, identified as F.T., who worked as driver for former Albanian terrorist commander and later Tetovo Mator and Deputy Prime Minister Hazbi Lika, was found dead with a gunshot wound. F.T. was found by his son, in his car which had at least one visible gunshot hole. The police...

Macedonia 18.07.19 | 14:48

Car plows into a funeral procession near Tetovo, a dozen people were injured

A dozen people from a funeral procession were injured today in Tetovo’s Mala Recica district, when a vehicle hit the procession. A 61 year old local was driving his car during the funeral and apparently lost control and hit the people. One person has sustained serious injuries in the incident.

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 16:58

Elderly man in Tetovo arrested after injuring a noisy child with a BB gun

Tetovo police arrested a 76 year old man who fired from a BB gun at children who were playing noisily outside. A projectile hit a minor, who was injured, the police said. The incident happened late in the evening, when the man wanted to get some rest.

Macedonia 08.06.19 | 22:15

Whistleblower claims that Education Minister Ademi is trying to cover up the Tetovo University scandal

Education inspector Georgi Ilievski, who blew the whistle on the Tetovo University, where Education Minister Arber Ademi and Deputy Interior Minister Agim Nuhiu were illegally hired at the university, claims that the Ministry is attempting to cover up the scandal. Ilievski says that one of his superior...

Macedonia 07.06.19 | 00:09

Tetovo University raided after allegations that Government officials were distributing positions between themselves

State education inspectors (DPI) raided the Tetovo University today, seizing documents in an investigation prompted by allegations of unlawful appointments of Government officials to positions in the institution. The allegations were raised by an inspector who went public with the claims. The state inspectorate...

Macedonia 21.05.19 | 16:28

Six year old boy goes missing in Tetovo

A family from Prilep reported that their six year old son disappeared while they were working in Tetovo. The incident happened on Saturday late evening. The boy was playing in a park in Tetovo while the family was collecting scrap iron near by. At one point the boy went missing from the playground. The...

Macedonia 05.05.19 | 17:48

Tetovo town hall sends message calling on its employees to support Pendarovski

Tetovo municipal authorities sent a message to its employees tpdau urging them to vote, with an appeal clearly meant to favor the ruling SDSM – DUI coalition candidate Stevo Pendarovski. Dear colleagues, today is a holiday. We appeal to you to use your right to vote and come out in large numbers...

Macedonia 24.04.19 | 10:23

Zaev promises a purge of corrupt officials, but likely won’t move before the second round

A visibly deflated Zoran Zaev appeared before his and DUI supporters in Tetovo to ask the voters that they reverse the first round punishment they handed to his candidate Stevo Pendarovski, who lost about 200.000 votes compared to the 2017 municipal elections. It is true that we fell. We hear your message....

Macedonia 10.04.19 | 10:02

Mickoski in Tetovo: Let’s return Macedonianism to the country!

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at Tetovo rally that on April 21 VMRO DPMNE will win the presidential election and that this is based on the winning energy that is present throughout the cities and places that have been visited so far. The leader VMRO DPMNE emphasized that on May 5 Professor...

Macedonia 09.04.19 | 23:01

We cannot understand each other with translators

One society for all can only be a civil society. My goal and the goal of VMRO-DPMNE is one and – law and justice for Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said Tuesday at the rally in Tetovo. I know what troubles Tetovo. I am not a nationalist, but I am compelled...

Macedonia 09.04.19 | 21:39

Siljanovska Davkova: I cannot be silent about something contrary to law and justice

I always thought that it was better to show me, and not tell me, the presidential candidate of VMRO-DPMNE Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said at Tuesday’s rally in Tetovo. I cannot be silent about something that is contrary to law and justice. So I express my opinion to the public openly and loudly....

Macedonia 24.02.19 | 20:09

Discarded RPG found in a village near Tetovo

Police were called to the village of Selce near Tetovo to pick up a rocket propelled grenade launcher which a local citizen found dropped near the road. The launcher was from the Yugoslav era. A pyrotechnic team was sent to remove it safely. Tetovo was the hotbed of the 2001 insurgency and it is assumed...

Macedonia 21.02.19 | 15:16

Alliance of Albanians accuses Tetovo Mayor Teuta Arifi of nepotism

The Alliance of Albanians accused Tetovo Mayor and potential presidential candidate of the ruling coalition Teuta Arifi of promoting her sister to deputy director of an elementary school in Tetovo. Is the Education Minister Arber Ademi aware of this? Is he aware how a teacher was illegally harassed out...

Macedonia 25.12.18 | 22:47

Culture Ministry financed video produced by nationalist Albanian football team supporters

Balisti, the frequently violent and nationalist group supporting the Shkendija Tetovo football club, has apparently received funding from the Culture Ministry for its activities. The group posted a video explaining how Balisti, the fan club named after the World War Two nationalist Albanian movement...

Macedonia 18.12.18 | 21:47

Students from Tetovo protest against corruption, university fees

Students from Tetovo took to the streets on Tuesday to demand a reduction in university fees, less foreign students being admitted to the Tetovo University and an end to the practice of professors demanding that students buy their books under an inflated price. The protest comes at a time when students...