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New round of name negotiations, FMs Dimitrov and Kotzias to meet UN mediator Nimtz in Vienna

Vienna will host Tuesday a new meeting at a level of foreign ministers within the negotiating process for settling Macedonia-Greece name dispute under the mediation of UN envoy Matthew Nimetz. The Macedonian and Greek Foreign Ministers, Nikola...

Kotzias: Without name change, FYROM cannot hope for EU and NATO membership

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, at a press conference following his meeting with Macedonian counterpart Nikola Dimitrov, publicly reiterated the Greek positions that Macedonia cannot hope for membership into NATO and the EU without changing...

What did SDS and Zoran Zaev accept? International propaganda louder, the Guardian and the Financial Times with identical messages to change the name

Macedonia is considering proposals on its provisional name in an effort to unlock Greek opposition to its NATO membership. This is the first sentence of the Financial Times‘ latest news segment (video) on the recent developments in...

Financial Times changes article – Dimitrov said Macedonia would seek NATO membership under the interim reference

After an intervention from the Macedonian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Financial Times changed the title and the lede in its article on Macedonia. The original version quoted newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov who announced...

Konjanovski: sixth public call for marketing support of agricultural products has been announced

On Sunday’s press conference Deputy Agriculture Minister – Zoran Konjanovski and Director of the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development – Toni Dimovski, told that sixth public call for marketing support...