Former Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov announced that he will return to the political scene, but is yet to declare in what way.
Dimitrov was crucial to the two signature works of the Zaev regime – the Borisov – Zaev treaty and the Prespa Treaty with Greece, with which Macedonia gave away its name and opened a process of redefining its national identity. Dimitrov has since turned sour on the treaty with Bulgaria and became an outspoken critic of further concessions toward this country, for which he was removed from the Government.

In his comments he hints that his “friends” in Brussels and Washington may help in his future political endeavours. Coming from a family of politically active professors who supported closer ties with Bulgaria and was seen as integral part of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimitrov was named ambassador to the US during the short-lived American recognition of the Macedonian name, and was later Nikola Gruevski’s coordinator for the lawsuit against Greece in the Hague. He sided with SDSM’s Colored Revolution and was even given a top position on the SDSM list for members of Parliament for the 2020 elections – before the French and the Bulgarian EU vetoes dashed any remaining hope his and Zaev’s foreign policy will bring any results.