Former Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who signed the Prespa Treaty and pioneered Zaev’s policy of concessions towards neighboring countries, but now warns against making concession to Bulgaria, accused the Zaev – Kovacevski regime of personal attacks against him.

They used to carry me to party rallies as if I was a rock-star, and not they attack me with sticks and stones. And I’m still the same person, nothing has changed. My critics do not deal with what I say, they deal with me personally. This shows that my warnings about the troubles we face with Bulgaria are justified. When you are attacking the person and ignore what he is saying, that is a problem, Dimitrov said during a joint Kanal 5 TV interview with another turncoat former VMRO-DPMNE official – Nikola Todorov.

Dimitrov was not appointed to the Kovacevski cabinet and promptly came out as a critic of the Government’s approach toward Bulgaria. He warned that the current Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani is preparing to make concessions to Bulgaria that should be unacceptable.