The President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, was a guest of the United States in 1971, and was greeted there with the greatest honors.

During a meeting with Nixon, in a room full of journalists and photo reporters, Tito lighted a Cuban cigar! The move was provocative for two reasons. First, smoking in the White House was strictly forbidden since 1946. Secondly, the meeting took place at the peak of the intolerance of America and Cuba, and Tito, by common sense, was supplied by Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Nixon had to react.

“Mr President, we do not smoke here in the White House”, said astonished Nixon.

Tito looked at him, continued to smoke, laughed and said coldly:

“Lucky you!”

By the end of the meeting, Nixon did not mention this ban anymore.

Josip Broz was and remains the only one who violated this ban.