The Chamber of Energy will stage a protest in front of the government building on February 25, together with the companies, where they will reiterate their demands and solutions to the situation with the energy crisis. On January 24, the chamber submitted requests to the Government.

One of the demands is the dismissal of economic ministers, certain directors and presidents of companies, and the appointment of experts in their place. According to them, with their solutions they will be able to save the country from the crisis.

The chamber says that the state must allocate money from the budget for companies to help them overcome the energy crisis. Companies in the textile industry are also facing problems. Hence, they say that an urgent subsidy for electricity is needed.

Contrary to Economy Minister, Kreshnik Bekteshi, said yesterday that the energy and heat crisis have cost the country 170 million euros so far, the chamber says the crisis will cost the country one billion euros.