According to the most recent data given by the State Statistical Office, Macedonia welcomed 124,800 tourists in September 2023, of whom 34,769 (27.9%) were domestic tourists and 90,031 (72.1%) were international tourists.

According to the press release, “there were 256,831 nights spent in September 2023, with 34.3% being occupied by domestic tourists and 65.7% by foreign tourists.”

When comparing January through September of 2023 to the same period in 2022, there was a 21.8% increase in visitors; domestic travelers increased by 0.5%, while overseas visitors increased by 40.3%.

In January through September of 2023, travelers stayed in North Macedonia 10.2% longer than they did in the corresponding months of 2022. Foreign visitors spent 24.7% more nights than domestic tourists, who spent 1.5% more.