A poll conducted by the CIKP research center showed that 77 percent of youths aged 15 to 29 are thinking about moving out of Macedonia, primarily in some of the European Union countries.

– We have only a few mechanisms which respond to the needs of young people, and involve them in decision making or recognize them as participants in the society, said Marija Risteska from CIKP.

According to her research, which focused on the issue of youth mobility, the possibility of Macedonia advancing toward the European Union will not affect this migration push, but will influence the type of youths moving out. “Our results show that European integration will not directly influence emigration, but it will increase the human capital, meaning that youths will be able to obtain better education, skills and knowledge in European countries”, Risteska said.

Deputy Education Minister Petar Atanasov attended the presentation of the report and said tha tthe Government is working to improve quality of education and make it more applicable, hoping tha tit would allow young people to be more successful in their careers.