The IPIS-MRTV poll conducted in the eastern 3rd and 4th district shows that a large majority of voters see Macedonia going in the wrong direction, with damning results for the ruling DUI – SDSM coalition.

Of the 1,010 voters in the 3rd district and 1,035 voters in the 4th district that were polled, 61.8 percent chose the bleakest option, that Macedonia is moving in a “completely wrong” direction. Additionally, 15 percent opted for “somewhat wrong” direction. These shares stood at 61.8 and 13.1 percent in the previous poll in February.

On the favorable side, only 7.6 percent opted for “completely good” direction and 9.6 percent chose “somewhat good” direction. The numbers are up from February, where they stood at 4.6 and 6.7 percent.

Citizens were also asked whether they feel that life in Macedonia is moving in a better direction compared to last year. Again, in the 3rd district 41.1 percent said that life is moving in a much worse direction, 20.9 percent said “somewhat worse” and 25 percent responded that living in Macedonia is same as last year. Only 7.1 percent said that life is “somewhat improving” and 3.9 percent said “significantly improving”. in the 4th district responses were even worse – 50.2 percent say life is “significantly worse” and 13.3 percent said “somewhat worse”, while 18.2 percent said it remains the same. Only 4.9 percent see some improvement and 2.7 percent see significant improvement.

And finally, when asked whether the current Government should change or remain in place, the reponses were at huge margins in favor of change. In the 3rd district, 69.1 percent opted for a change of Government, and only 10.3 percent would like the DUI – SDSM coalition to remain in power. The “vote them out” camp grew by 2.4 percent since February while the “keep them in place” share of voters grew by 1.2 percent.

In the 4th district the Government faces a calamity, with 74.8 percent of voters demanding that they leave office, and only 11.4 percent in favor of the Government staying.