Gathering near Berovo’s memorial to the fallen fighters of World War II, Berovo pensioners continued their protests over pensions even on Aug. 23, Berovo Liberation Day, according to MIA’s Berovo correspondent.

During an event celebrating Berovo Liberation Day, the protesters met with Berovo Mayor Zvonko Pekevski and asked for an official meeting to discuss their demands.

Local pensioners demand pension increases of 3,500 denars. “This is all we ask for,” said Sonja Gjorgjovska, a representative of the dissatisfied group of pensioners.

“I hear the government has decided that the minimum pension should be 13,300 denars. So add a linear increase on top, and make it 3,500 denars for each pensioner,” she said.

Mayor Pekeski said the pensioners had the right to protest but their timing was unfortunate.

“Their right is legitimate, but the moment is wrong because today is Liberation Day,” he said.

Pekeski added that he had talked to protest organizers and told them the local self-government would consider their demands at the next town hall meeting.

Berovo has some 1,700 pensioners receiving low pensions. Most of them support the protests, organizers said. They said the protests would continue until their demands were met