On October 20 AD ESM, for the needs of REK Bitola, concluded a contract for the public procurement of goods in a direct agreement with the family company of the director of TEC Negotino and a senior official in SDSM, Nebojsa Stojanovic from Negotino, “Hem Alliance” based in Pepeliste. The owner of the company is his father, and the manager is his wife Milica Stojanovic. “Hem Alliance” has committed in the next 12 months for the needs of REK Bitola to procure “a pure organic biodegradable compound to prevent the occurrence of dust from disposed ash (REK Bitola)”. The value of this contract with VAT is MKD 39,117,000. The signatory on behalf of REK Bitola is the director Pece Matevski.

We emphasize that this is not a procurement by direct agreement and that there is no conflict of interest. The procedure was carried out by the Commission for Public Procurement at the subsidiary REK Bitola and the responsible person of the subsidiary. They do not have any conflict of interest with the holder of the purchase due to the fact that they do not have any family ties, in accordance with the provisions of the Law. The law clearly prescribes what a conflict of interest is and according to the relevant provisions, it does not exist in this case. The Public Procurement Commission, which implemented the procedure, as well as the responsible person, duly submitted a Statement of No Conflict of Interest in the file for the procedure, REK Bitola told MKD.mk.