The Government is deluding the citizens with half-measures that will not put an end to the inflation and the overall crisis, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party in a statement. The Government yesterday announced modest cuts to the fuel excise tax and to the value added tax on some strategic resources.

Some of these so-called measures are just advisory or would take months to implement. The citizens don’t need naked populism, they need visible and realistic measures that will help them overcome the crisis period. SDSM and DUI think they will fool the retirees by giving them 1,000 denars a month over three months. Meanwhile, in neighboring Serbia, where the Government is actually implementing infrastructure projects and had 250 factories open in the past several years with 3.9 billion EUR in investments, every adult citizen will receive 6,000 denars and the retirees will get 10,000, the party said.