All the lies of Artan Grubi and Dimitar Kovacevski about foreign experts during the supervision of the construction of Corridors 8 and 10D have sunk. “IRD” is only the holder of the Consortium on paper, and most of the money goes to “Elektra Solution”, which got a license in the middle of a public call, and “Euro Consulting” owned by Branimir Dimitrijevic, who is wanted with an international criminal warrant, accused Bojan Stojanoski from VMRO- DPMNE.

“Elektra Solution”, which submits a request for the issuance of a supervision license after the opening of the call for tenders and receives it at the end of the call, and Euro Consulting of the criminal wanted with an international warrant, Branimir Dimitrijevic, will share 70% of the money for the supervision of the construction of the Corridors 8 and 10D. So much for the international experts of Grubi and Kovacevski.

It is even more striking that “Elektra Solution” not only has no experience in supervision, but the business in which it has experience and in which it has worked before, believe it or not, is underwear production. Yes, you heard that right, a company with experience in the production of underwear will supervise the construction of Corridors 8 and 10D.

It is even more tragic that this company defends its participation in the tender by saying that it was contacted by international companies to participate together in the tender. Which international companies will look for a company that was involved in the production of underwear to participate in the biggest tender for supervision in Macedonia? And how did they look for that company that doesn’t have a license, and they didn’t look for companies with decades of experience?, asks Stojanoski.

This company “Elektra Solution” will take 8.2 million euros from the tender of 22 million euros, and the company of the criminal wanted with an international warrant, Branimir Dimitrijevic, will collect 7.1 million euros. In total, these two Macedonian companies will collect 70% of the amount provided for the supervision.

The remaining 30%, 4.1 million goes to “IRD” from Italy, while the services of the local office of “IRD” in Skopje will cost around 2.4 million euros.

The holder of the Consortium, “IRD”, will charge less money than the firm with experience in the production of underwear and the firm of the criminal wanted on an international warrant.

The Chinese “Eptisa” will collect only 400,000 euros from this tender, so the question arises why they are part of the Consortium, or do they only aim to inspect the technique and technology of the American “Bechtel”?

In total, only five people hired by the companies are foreigners, namely a lawyer from Croatia, two engineers from Serbia and one from Montenegro, as well as the director of “IRD” who signed the contract. So much for foreigners. And most of them are hired for negotiation, not for supervision, for which they will charge 300,000 euros individually. While the director of “IRD” will collect 1.3 million euros as a fee.

The 22 million euros will be spent on heavy prizes and fees, not on real things.

No international experts are involved, but a scheme that reeks of corruption.

We call on the Public Prosecutor’s Office before it is too late, until Grubi and Kovacevski completely embarrass the Republic of Macedonia, to open an investigation and request the termination of the surveillance work. Any inaction or delayed action costs the state money and image.