Oliver Spasovski hides behind empty phrases on Facebook and does not respond to how many criminals with a record from the “Safe City” list, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Muzafer Karisic issued weapon permits? Did Karisic and the commission composed of Oliver Spasovski give weapons approval to Shukri Asani, person with a record, suspected of transporting cocaine, a member of the criminal group from Grcec, among the top ten for inspection in Skopje?, asks Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

Why list of criminals with records of serious crimes, checks, coverage, monitoring and processing, a “Safe City” plan, if Karisic and Spasovski’s commission give them weapon licenses?

How many criminals with a record got a weapon license from a commission made up by Oliver Spasovski?

These are questions that must not be ignored, emphasizes Stoilkovski.

Karisic is a person trusted by Spasovski and Tasevski, and the chief of the crime police is also a top person in the commission for approvals for weapons!

It is a shame that Spasovski is hiding on Facebook after a scandal that the police give weapon permits to criminals, while brutal mafia liquidations are happening in the center of Skopje. Macedonia did not deserve this! Answers and responsibility are necessary, not partnering up with crime.