Those who just 24 hours ago said it was time for challenges, not resignations, are resigning after the publication of the first indications of tragic mistakes in the construction of the modular hospital in Tetovo, reacts the Alliance for Albanians.

These late resignations are an attempt to justify a dysfunctional government that must resign to the last official, tactics of irresponsible officials to cover their guilt, rush to quell the revolt of citizens and play to escape responsibility. In the past we have seen cases that ended with resignation and in the next term there was reappointment of the same officials in other departments, but without any criminal responsibility. The tragedy in Tetovo shook the world, claimed 14 lives and burned the hearts of all of us. This case must not be left without justice and without responsibility. We call on the prosecution not to succumb to political games, to act urgently and not to allow any of the suspects to escape, said the Alliance for the Albanians.