By bus, plane or own car, a large number of ethnic Albanian emigrants from Kicevo and the Kicevo region working in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and other European countries, poured in Kicevo in the last 24 hours to vote in the second round of local elections, in which they will support DUI candidate Fatmir Dehari.

There is an increased concentration of people and frequency of cars in these three days in Kicevo similar to the summer period, when emigrants flock back to the country.

As they arrived in the country, they will return to the country where they work and live in an organized manner and with the same means of transportation. Everyone is confidents that with their support the DUI candidate, Fatmir Dehari will get more votes, will win these elections and will win the third term as mayor of the municipality of Kicevo.

The emigrants do not hide their optimism that their votes will decide who will be the mayor of the in the next four years in this municipality.

In the first round of local elections in the municipality of Kicevo, the candidate of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Jovanoski beat the candidate of DUI, Fatmir Dehari by 300 votes.