French Ambassador Christian Thimonier told Telma TV that it is important that the PPO law is adopted, but also important is the way in which the law will be passed through Parliament. This statement comes as the ruling SDSM party is trying to corral votes for its version of the law relying on smaller parties and blackmailed members of Parliament, and trying to avoid accepting the positions of the conservative VMRO-DPMNE party.

Thimonier said that France is looking at May and the Zagreb EU summit as a time when the new enlargement methodology will be in place. He said that it is not likely that a decision on enlargement will be made in March, as some have predicted. Meanwhile, he said, Macedonia and Albania need to do their homework, including the law on state prosecutors.

We really expect to see that law pass and to have a quality law, but we must also be very careful about the way in which it is adopted, Thimonier said.

SDSM has refused proposals from VMRO, fearing that it may lead to scrutiny aimed at its leader Zoran Zaev, for the many corruption scandals during his term as Prime Minister.