The mayor of Kicevo for the last 10 years, Fatmir Dehari, is organizing a celebration of 10 years of Albanian rule with the municipality of Kicevo “10 years of PRIDE”.

The celebration of the ten-year rule of DUI in Kicevo will be held today, and the program consists of performances by children’s ensembles, the National Albanian Symbol, and a historical lesson entitled “Kicevo under Albanian rule”. It is not known who finances this celebration, whether the funds are allocated by the municipality or are private donations.

The VMRO-DPMNE branch in Kicevo reacts to the “private party at which Dehari promotes nationalism and irredentism”.

What is proud and dignified in his rule, did he make devastation and exodus? That many citizens have moved out, above all Albanians, that many companies have been closed, and he only cooperates with a few? The bazaar is devastated, corruption reigns! Emancipated and educated Albanians cannot be kept by a private party and thousands of Albanian flags. VMRO-DPMNE asks what Dehari is proud of.

Kichevo is one of the most neglected municipalities in Macedonia, with a large number of communal and infrastructure problems. Kicevo is the leader in the police bulletin for reports of bites from street dogs.

Kicevo got a mayor from DUI after the territorial division in 2013, when smaller municipalities with a dominant Albanian population were annexed to Kicevo, including Zajas, the birthplace of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti.

Fatmir Dehari, on the other hand, is a former bodyguard of Ahmeti, but also a DUI official in the Ministry of Interior and in UBK. He became mayor for the first time on March 24, 2013, and then won the local elections in 2017 and 2021.