Left wing law professor Gordan Kalajdziev joined the critics of the amnesty law passed by Parliament on Wednesday, saying that it will have legal consequences and will increase political interference in the judiciary.
The law gives amnesty to at least three members of Parliament who were charged in the April 2017 incident in the Parliament, but whose votes are now necessary to the ruling majority if it is to rename Macedonia into North Macedonia.

– I would have preferred a cleaner solution as I’ve never seen this type of amnesty being used in practice. It is especially problematic that the courts and the prosecutors are asked to be part of the process, to give their opinion on the amnesty requests. It is obvious that political necessities took presedence here, said Kalajdziev, who was a regular feature at the Colored Revolution anti-amnesty protests which were organized by the now ruling SDSM party.

Kalajdziev said that he was hopeful that under SDSM, politics will no longer interfere in the judiciary, but. “it is obvious this is not happening”. Kalajdziev is only the latest of the former Colored Revolution activists, opposition activists and citizens who protested against the amnesty law.

– Clearly the fight of the non-Governmental sector, of all the expert who fight for a state based on the rule of law, will have to continue over a longer term, until the society itself is mature enough and no longer allows moves like the latest amnesty, which is no better than the amnesty offered by President Ivanov, Kalajdziev said, reminding the public on the violent 2016 protest led by SDSM against President Ivanov and his amnesty proposal.