The accusations of the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, that the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, insulted and threatened her, cause a great revolt among the female members of the party.

They, angry because of such, as they point out, false accusations of Arsovska, publicly react by pointing out that Mickoski has always shown that he is not a person who would threaten someone, and at the same time they talk about cases of Arsovska’s incorrect attitude in their mutual communication.

One of those who decided to react publicly is the president of the Women’s Union of VMRO-DPMNE, Zaklina Pesevska, who discloses that the Infomax portal, which is considered to be close to Danela Arsovska, asked her for an official comment on Mickoski’s alleged threats to Arsovska , but after responding that such allegations were false, her response was not published at all.

As a woman who leads the largest politically organized structure of women in Macedonia, I can say that the claims made about any threats are a complete lie and fabrication. After all, President Mickoski always gave great support in the fight for women’s rights, and as a person who has personal experience of teamwork in the party and direct cooperation with the president of the party, I can testify that what Arsovska said is not part of his culture, nor it’s a character trait of president Mickoski, something I can’t say about Mrs. Danela Arsovska.

I will remind you that, in fact, apart from the governing bodies of the party, she had huge support from me personally and from the entire Women’s Union of VMRO DPMNE. I was personally involved in the fight against the hate speech that was directed at Mrs. Arsovska in the election campaign, and today she is clearly taking the baton and the place of attack in sowing lies and hate speech, something that we fought against.

Every day it becomes clearer what is the essence of Arsovska’s meetings with Kovacevski, and the creation of a smoke screen for all the government’s scandals. I regret that Arsovska takes on the role that the government assigned to her, and I will recommend she serves less for other people’s interests and not be guided by tender politics, and be more focused on solving the problems of Skopje citizens, Pesevska said in her response.

The party’s spokesperson Marija Miteva also addressed the public, pointing out that while Arsovska had the support of all VMRO-DPMNE members, she had no objections to the relationship, but when it was pointed out to her that her work would have to bring changes, work and results in the city, it was missing, and Arsovska started to complain about unfair treatment towards her.

The member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, Maja Kadievska Vojnovic, on the other hand, points out that she is not a fan of commenting on political topics because she believes that in times of economic collapse of the state there is no place for daily politics, but that Arsovska’s unfair and untrue accusations, as he says, irritated her very much.

Mayor Danela’s statement contradicts the character and manners of president Mickoski. It is not Hristijan Mickoski. The behavior, speech and opinion of president Mickoski are at the highest level and create a high level of intra-party democracy which is a pillar for the development of a party and state. The very fact that he managed to consolidate the party when it was most difficult and make it victorious in the last local elections shows that we have the right leader, she said.

The vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska, points out that the false accusations made by Danela Arsovska about Mickoski are just an attempt by an immature politician to stand out and divert attention from the chaos she is producing.