Alfa TV reports that recent internal public opinion polls show that the ruling SDSM party is rapidly losing support, especially among ethnic Macedonians. According to the TV station, this has prompted SDSM officials to consider whether accepting the challenge from VMRO-DPMNE and having early general elections in April, along with the presidential elections, will help the party save what it can before it slips even further down the polls.

The other option would be to try to finish the full four year term in office, hoping that the voters will forget the national humiliation brought about by the Prespa agreement with Greece, the treaty signed with Bulgaria, and hoping that the economy begins to pick up. Officially, the excuse for the delaying tactic would be that elections would stop the “reform process”. This excuse was used by some of the international SDSM supporters.

Given all the reforms that the Republic of Macedonia must undertake, and the processes included in the opening of the EU accession talks, it’s a big question whether we should stop the talks and use up our energy for several months in possible early general elections. We will measure up all arguments and make the best possible decision, said SDSM member of Parliament Betiane Kitev.

Alfa TV notes that it is curious that no new polls were made public so close before elections. The presidential elections are expected in late April and SDSM still hasn’t announced its candidate, opting to reveal him or her all the way in early March. Journalist and top Alfa manager Vasko Eftov recently claimed that internal polls show that even with the support from ethnic Albanian voters SDSM trails VMRO-DPMNE in the polls, and if this support doesn’t materialize, the party would lose in a landslide among the Macedonian voters.