The protest note that the Greek embassy in London sent to the BBC over its report on the persecuted Macedonian minority, where it rejected the service’s claims as unacceptable, has been rejected by the BBC as “disappointing”.

In its response to the Greek ambassador Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras, the British public service broadcaster expressed surprise and dismay with the Greek government regarding the published article and that it contained historical inaccuracies and that there was no “Macedonian minority” in Greece.

The Prespa agreement, according to the Greek diplomat, is not a tacit recognition of a “Macedonian minority,” nor does it lead to the recognition of such a minority. Ambassador Caramitsos-Tziras urges the BBC to publish the full letter with the positions of Athens.

Greek diplomatic sources underline that the Prespa Agreement eliminates any possibility of raising the minority issue.

Below is the note of the Greek ambassador: