Besa Ilyazi, the organizational director of the Toxicology Clinic, who does not communicate in the Macedonian language, issued an order prohibiting the employees of the clinic from giving statements to journalists. The Order, published on a notice board, reads:

“The organizational director issued an order prohibiting unauthorized presence, making statements to the public through interviews and calling press conferences. Unauthorized convening of conferences for printed and electronic means of information, giving interviews, etc., which would cause damage to the interests and reputation of the clinic, is prohibited. Meetings with journalists only with prior notice to the acting the organizational director. Failure to comply with this order is subject to sanctions,” the Order reads.

In the past month, the scandals at the Toxicology Clinic began. First, the employees, through a letter to the media, and then at a press conference, pointed out that director Iljazi does not speak to them in the Macedonian language, they cannot understand her, and she does not allow them to hire two graduate biologists and one paramedic, and she insists on 18 people whose work contracts expired on December 31, 2023 will be employed.

The Minister of Health announced before the elections, and immediately after the elections, he dismissed the medical director Danil Petrovski, and for the organizational director Ilyazi, he said that he will be the director until she breaks the law.

The State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate (DSZI) after an extraordinary inspection determined that 5 nurses, 3 paramedics, 1 laboratory assistant and 2 biologists were illegally working at the Toxicology Clinic for four months.